Your time is valuable.  Access to the right healthcare provider is critical.  


Virtual assessment and therapy meetings eliminate problems of inaccessibility to a psychologist specializing in behavioral sleep medicine and ADHD assessment in greater Minnesota. Make appointments with greater flexibility and participate in sessions at the place of your choosing. Virtual sessions can occur at your work, home, or any location you have access to a smart phone or computer with internet access. Quality, specialized care can now come to you, wherever you are.

Minnesota Insomnia Center visits happen in real-time via video sessions with Dr. Hoekstra using a secure, HIPAA compliant web link specifically designed for hospitals and clinics.   


Eliminate problems with no-provider access, time-consuming commuting, and waiting room time. Receive treatment anywhere you like; at home, at work, on vacation, or anywhere you wish for a one-on-one video session.  

HIPAA Compliant

Feel confident with confidential, secure video management. Health records are maintained confidentially. Data encryption and secure file storage ensure your privacy.

Easy Communication

Working with the Minnesota Insomnia Center is easy. Through your patient portal, information is seamlessly shared and HIPAA secure.  You will be able to securely message your provider, send as well as receive documents through simple file sharing, and manage your patient account.

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