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Better sleep for all of Minnesota.

Insomnia Treatment

The Minnesota Insomnia Center works with adults, teens, and children to address problems with sleep, including insomnia.  Your personalized insomnia treatment provides you with the tools and information you need to get your sleep on track - you will be well informed and confident that your sleep health is in good hands.

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Childhood Sleep problems

The Minnesota Insomnia Center works with parents to help children overcome problems with bedtime and sleep time.  Find solutions to bedtime challenges such as difficulty falling and staying asleep, unwillingness to stay in bed or the bedroom, fear of sleeping in the bedroom, nightmares, and challenges with establishing a bedtime routine.

Problems with Sleep Timing

Problems with sleep timing (circadian rhythm) are aggravating.  Examples include poor sleep due to Shift Work, a tendency to slide toward becoming a Night Owl, and other timing related problems.  The Minnesota Insomnia Center can identify these problems and help you find solutions and guide you every step of the way.

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