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Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time


Clinical Psychology Expertise

Dr. Hoekstra maintains specialties in behavioral sleep medicine, psychological assessment, treatment of psychological trauma, and treatment of anxiety and depression.  His 22 + years in practice provide a solid experience base that is very well suited to informing his diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of psychological conditions.  

Board Diplomate in Behavioral Sleep Medicine Specialist

As a board-certified Behavioral Sleep Medicine specialist, Dr. Hoekstra uses evidenced-based therapies (ones shown by research as effective) that are designed to change sleep behavior to correct sleep problems like insomnia. Therefore, this is not traditional "talk therapy."  Rather, it is an "action" therapy; Dr. Hoekstra will work with you to change your sleep habits before, during, and after your sleeping times.  He uses TeleMedicine to provide treatment so that people in outstate Minnesota can have access to specialized Behavioral Sleep Medicine.  

Behavioral sleep medicine therapy is based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). The behavioral aspect of CBT for sleep problems focuses on eliminating habits, behaviors, and environmental challenges that stand in the way of quality sleep. The therapy focuses on making behavioral changes that are proven to improve sleep. This may include altering sleep schedules and making changes in the unhelpful habits blocking sleep. The cognitive side focuses on finding, understanding, and changing any sleep interfering thoughts that obstruct sleep. Sometimes treatments such as bright lightboxes are used as well. Most CBT-I therapy for sleep disorders is brief, involving an evaluation and approximately 3 - 5 treatment visits.  


Most approaches in Behavioral Sleep Medicine do not rely on the use of medications.  In fact, successful treatment often means you may be able to reduce or even discontinue medications for sleep.  Doing so is often quite gentle, well planned, and in close consultation with your prescribing medical provider.

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