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A few things to know

about our practice.


EMDR, ART, Insomnia, Trauma, PTSD

We provide therapy on a virtual basis only. 

We are a fee-based practice and do not bill insurance.  This allows us to keep session costs low.  Our fee-based service can be paid through a Health Savings Account, however. 

Interventions for sleep-related problems generally require a 45-minute session.

Interventions for psychological trauma can be accomplished within 45-minute sessions, however, a 60 to 90-minute session is preferable for more efficient care; longer sessions can reduce the total number of needed sessions. 

The fee for a single 45-minute session is $175.

The fee for a single 60-minute session is $ 215.

The fee for a single 90-minute session is $ 300.

Some psychological issues require multiple sessions. In these instances, session bundles can be pre-purchased at a reduced rate.

Appointments can be made through the Contact Us page or by calling our office.  

Our Work

EMDR, ART, Insomnia, Trauma, PTSD

You will always be a co-collaborator with respect to the goal setting, determining treatment methods, and therapy pace used in your care.  

We rely on evidence-based treatment interventions.  These are therapies shown through research to consistently be effective in the treatment of your symptom presentation.

Treatment will be specific and targeted to the goals you are interested in resolving.  Focused treatment is often the most effective and efficient method. 

Successful treatment for insomnia problems can often be met within 3-5 sessions.

Successful treatment for single-event trauma-related symptoms can often be met within 3-5 sessions. Complex trauma typically requires additional sessions.

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