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ADHD Assessment Services

Easy Access to ADHD Assessment

Expert Evaluation

The Minnesota Insomnia Center works with adults, teens, and children to evaluate problems with focus, concentration, inattention, restlessness, impulsiveness, and related problems.  With over 20 years of psychological assessment experience, your symptoms will be thoroughly assessed and you will be provided with a well informed and confident plan for treatment when needed.

Taking a Test
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You are unique.  So should be your treatment.  We approach evaluation with an open mind to the issues at hand and with sharp eyes for important details unique to you and your situation.  Using a comprehensive assessment approach, we will look at the entirety of your situation, symptoms, challenges, and needs to determine an accurate picture of your functioning.  Clear assessment leads to better and more effective outcomes. 

Getting Back on Track

Completion of the assessment process leads to evidence-based treatment recommendations that can include discussion about needed behavioral changes, treatment focused on underlying symptoms leading to presenting problems, and potential referrals to a prescribing medical provider.  Our goal is to get you back on track in your life!

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